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bms appears at Turkey blood transfusion congress

Issuing time:2021-11-09 17:35

        The annual Turkey blood transfusioncongress (TBTC) was held in Turkey International Expo Center in November 2021. bms's Turkey partner has successfully exhibited bms's original blood sterile tube welder equipment STW6810 at the exhibition, which received a great market response. bms goes all the way through the wind and rain, along with the Turkey partners to eye witness the great changes and development of the blood connection and transportation industry in Turkey. At the same time, the staff of bms, they are willing to trek, innovate and break through any difficulties occured in their work.

        The Turkish blood transfusion congress (TBTC) was founded in 2004 and hosted by the Turkish blood Association. It is the largest and most influential blood transfusion congress in Turkey. The successful exhibition of bms   blood sterile tueb welder equipment proves the strength of bms in the field of sterile connection and the high acceptance and recognition of bms in the Turkish blood market. bms will make continuous efforts to achieve higher and better development with innovative blood medical technology.


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